Just a little intro into this quick post, but it sure seems to be what a lot of people suffer from. Perhaps afraid to know the truth because then they may have to be forced to look at what is the truth and what is an illussion (I know some will think I suffer from this but I'm usually not afraid to ask tough questions).

I found a petition online in case anyone was interested in wanting to know if the Government is capable of investigating unsolved issues behind 911 (or we can remain fed what the government and media want to keep pushing in front of us to eat). Perhaps the line "You can't handle the truth" is fitting with most people because I think most do not want to know the truth and have just allowed coverups to continue from JFK to OK City to Corrupted Politicians. Most people just want to keep the blinders on and don't want to make a stand as long as the master keeps them fed. They let pricks like Daschle spend their own money for them and support fascists like Clinton and Bush who put their fingers in the wind to see what is popular for the day. If they don't hear it on the Main media or if it wasn't taught to them by some University Professor then it isn't fact. We can keep chasing Bin Laden (the boogy man) all around the globe until Bush doesn't have more use for him any more or we can try to find out some of the answers at home and start holding our own officials accountable to the Constitution and to enforce them to tell us the truth. Anyway, enough of my rambling... Here is the link to the Petition for those who actually want accountability and truthful investigation.


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